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PS4's Spring Fever Week 5 Sales Revealed

Written By Kom Limpulnam on Rabu, 01 April 2015 | 23.37

More PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita games are on sale this week as part of Sony's "Spring Fever" promotion, which now enters its fifth week.

The eight-week Spring Fever event spotlights "unique" games, with Sony releasing a new PlayStation game every week through April 21.

Last week's new release was Metal Slug 3, while this week's is the Metroid-style Axiom Verge ($20). The game is available now on PS4, with the PS Vita edition to come later featuring Cross-Buy support.

In addition, Sony has marked down numerous Warner Bros. games, including a handful of Batman titles and more. A variety of Batman movies are also on sale this week. All deals are good through April 6, and PlayStation Plus members can save 10 percent.

The full list of Spring Fever deals are listed below. Don't see anything you like? Check back next week (and the two weeks after that) to see even more Spring Fever deals when they're announced.

Looking for more deals? April's free PlayStation Plus games have also been announced; they go on sale next week.


Release Date
(Launch Week)
PS Plus Launch Week Price Regular Price
(3/31 through 4/6)
Axiom Verge
$17.99 $19.99


[More here]


Title SD Original Price SD Sale Price HD Original Price HD Sale Price
Batman & Robin $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99
Batman 1989 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99
Batman Forever $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99
Batman Gotham Knight DTV 2006 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 $12.99
Batman Returns $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99
Batman Year One Animation DTV $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 $12.99
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Deluxe Edition NA $8.99 $17.99 $12.99
DCU: Son of Batman $14.99 $12.99 $19.99 $16.99
Green Lantern First Flight DTV $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 $12.99
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights –
DTV Development
$9.99 $8.99 $17.99 $12.99
JLA Doom DTV Development $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 $12.99
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox $9.99 NA $17.99 $15.99
Justice League: War DTV $14.99 $12.99 $19.99 $16.99
Superman Doomsday 2007 $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 $12.99
Superman vs. The Elite
DTV Development
$9.99 $8.99 $17.99 $12.99
Superman-Batman Apocalypse $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 $12.99
Superman-Batman Public Enemies DTV $9.99 $8.99 $17.99 $12.99

[More here]

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Guy Spends $22,500 on Star Citizen, Has No Regrets

How much have you spent on Star Citizen? I'd be willing to be that it's not more than 39-year-old IT professional Wulf Knight. As revealed in an excellent, wide-ranging Wired story about Star Citizen, Knight says that his total investment in the in-development PC space game so far is $22,501.

Knight has purchased a variety of Star Citizen ships, and was one of the 200 people who bought a $2,500 Javelin Destroyer. He also spent $10,000 on the Wing Commander package, a special bundle that comes with 44 ships and access to Star Citizen's in-game "1 Million Mile High Club" VIP lounge.

"I've got a Pokémon complex," Knight told Wired. "I have to have them all. They put it out there, I buy it."

According to Wired, the average Star Citizen supporter has contributed $96 to the game.

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has extended special perks to Knight for his incredible investment, including the chance to play the game with its creator, Chris Roberts. However, Knight has always declined. "He has better things to do," Knight said.

You might think that Knight would be feeling some level of buyer's remorse over spending so much on virtual items. But he has no regrets.

"I'm a professional, I'm married to a professional, and I have no debts, so I have resources to put into my hobby," he said. "You could spend this much restoring a car. I know people who have $3,000 paintball markers."

Also in the story, Knight reveals that Roberts' most famous game, Wing Commander, was a formative experience for him, teaching him important professional skills.

"Chris Roberts launched so many IT careers, it isn't even funny," Knight remarked. "And now, after 10 years, he's making another space sim? It's like Tolkien coming back from the dead!"

Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunded project of any kind in history. To date, the game has raised more than $77 million from 859,000+ total backers.

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PlayStation Home Officially Closed

This is no April Fools' Day prank. After six years, Sony's online virtual world--PlayStation Home--is now officially closed. The virtual destination opened in 2008 and ceased operation on March 31.

The official shutdown is not a surprise, as Sony announced in September 2014 that the PlayStation 3 service would close on that date in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

PlayStation Home was first revealed at GDC in 2007. Pitched as a free, Second Life-style virtual world where you'd create a virtual version of yourself that could have an apartment, meet up with friends, socialize, and watch movies or play games, Home never met the full potential of what was originally outlined.

Although it attracted millions of users following its launch in 2008, numerous overhauls--including a relaunch in 2011 and the addition of game-themed content--never turned Home into what Sony hoped it would become.

Do you have any particularly noteworthy memories of PlayStation Home? Share them with us, if you'd like, in the comments below!

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Batman: Arkham Knight Is 1080p on PS4

The PlayStation 4 edition of upcoming action game Batman: Arkham Knight, the conclusion of Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy, will run in native 1080p. That's according to the game's PlayStation Store product page.

This is not much of a surprise, as images and gameplay videos we've seen so far have looked gorgeous.

The Xbox One edition's resolution, however, remains unconfirmed. We've reached out to Warner Bros. for clarification. Meanwhile, the system requirements for the PC version of the Caped Crusader game have not yet been announced.

For more on Rocksteady's thoughts regarding graphics for Arkham Knight, check out GameSpot's interview with the team.

In other recent Arkham Knight news, Sony just yesterday announced a new PS4 bundle themed around the game. Included in the $450 package is a steel-grey PS4 console featuring a Batman faceplate. Sony will also offer a $400 Arkham Knight bundle that comes with a standard, jet-black PS4.

After its latest delay, Arkham Knight is now due to launch on June 23.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Exploding Walls & Riot Shields - The Lobby

Fresh from playing the alpha version, Aaron Sampson and Chris Watters tell us all about blowing open walls and shooting criminals through the ceiling.

by Mary Kish on

About The Lobby

Broadcast live from our studios in San Francisco, join GameSpot every Tuesday at 2PM Pacific for the latest previews, interviews, game demos, giveaways and more.

Schedule: Tuesdays at 2PM

Host: Danny O'Dwyer

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Free MotorStorm Buggy Comes to Driveclub as April Fools' Day DLC

Driveclub developer Evolution Studios is celebrating April Fools' Day with free DLC. Available now in the PlayStation 4 racing game is a special Wombat Typhoon buggy from the developer's other major racing series, MotorStorm.

"It's April 1st; drive like a fool in Driveclub," Evolution wrote on Twitter. Watch the trailer above to see the new vehicle in action.

In other Driveclub news, the free PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub has not been canceled, but it's still without a solid release date. Recently, Evolution suffered potentially massive layoffs.

For more April Fools' Day content, check out GameSpot's roundup of video game-themed gaming pranks here.

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Arkham Knight's PS4-Exclusive Content Not Exlcusive Forever

Upcoming action game Batman: Arkham Knight will have a series of content "exclusive" to the PlayStation 4 version of the game. As it turns out, this content--comprising extra missions and skins--will come to other platforms later, according to an Amazon advertisement for the extras.

A line from the ad reads: "Bonus content exclusive until at least fall 2015."

This content will be available to PS4 players when Arkham Knight launches on June 23. However, it's unclear when exactly it will launch and what it will cost when it finally arrives for Xbox One and PC.

The exclusive content is not the first example of Sony and Warner Bros. working together to give Arkham Knight PlayStation fans special treatment. Sony will also release a two special Arkham Knight-branded PS4 consoles for the game's launch this summer.

Earlier today, we learned that Arkham Knight will output in native 1080p on PS4.

This isn't the first time Sony has secured a time-exclusive DLC arrangement for a major multiplatform game. The company did the same thing with Activision's Destiny, offering extra content first on PlayStation platforms. This content was later released for Xbox.

Via: Videogamer

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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Review in Progress

GameSpot has already published two Dark Souls II reviews, one triumphant and effusive, and one disheartened and defeated. And neither one of them is wrong. This is the Souls series--as well as its cousin Bloodborne--encapsulated: grand trials by fire in which other games, with their boundless forgiveness, their comprehensive tutorials, and hand-holding linearity may be lifted and praised for their mercy or condemned for their patronization, qualities we have never received from the Souls games and likely never will. These games are brilliant, tedious, exhilarating, soul-crushing monsters, all.

With that in mind, the Scholar of the First Sin Edition is what it looks like when that monster puts on its best, smiling face, and tries its absolute best to be warm and welcoming to one and all. That's a welcome extended to the folks who've sunk hundreds of hours into the game who think they know what they're getting with this version. It's a welcome extended to complete newcomers who've never played a Souls game. It's a welcome extended to the people who've been mired in Bloodborne these past few weeks. And it's a welcome extended to me, someone's who's gone into each of these games determined to slay the beast, and found myself cowed each and every time. This version is meant to entice, a Cheshire smile shared between From Software and all players, old and new, that can't hide its newly sharpened teeth.

The new edition entices the way many predators do: with the utmost sweetness and light. In previous iterations, the world of Drangleic where Dark Souls II takes place felt like a ruined, half-faded memory of a beautiful place, whose washed out, dismal details gave the sense that the world itself was quietly eroding into the dirt. Even the PC version, running at its highest settings, in its most grand environments, had this feeling of dulled luster.

Stepping out of the first cave into hub world Majula this time inspires the sense of grandeur it was always meant to have. There's a new warmth and vibrancy to the place, a clarity that feels fully realized at last, serving to suggest the beauty that once was instead of accentuating the wreckage that it is. The graphical uptick has that effect on the whole game, offering a feeling of rejuvenation, that Drangleic is still alive.

It is alive, and crawling with the undead like never before.

From Software's version of "Welcome to Drangleic" is a higher fidelity to the visual than ever before, but its version of "Welcome back to Drangleic," for veterans, is about walking into the Forest of Fallen Giants for the first time, turning a corner, and running right into one of those massive hippo/cyclops creatures. It's about trying to go to the Cathedral of Blue, and the Ring of Binding at its entrance, and finding it guarded by a fire-breathing wyvern instead of a single knight, and that's if you kill the sped-up spear-wielding white knights swarming in the Heide Tower of Flame area, and that's if, when you first get there, you get past the sleeping ones who no longer lay dormant if your level is high enough. It's finding out that The Pursuer is almost as common as the giant knights at the Tower of Flame, and there are no handy giant crossbows to make their appearance any easier. A new relentless Hollow NPC assassin, The Forlorn, now lurks among the hordes when you least expect and never want it.

In that traditional dastardly way of theirs, From Software has revamped layout for NPCs, enemies, and items virtually throughout the entire game. Much of the game feels familiar, but you can hear the evil cackling of the developers trying their best to throw a wrench into any sense of comfort or routine in this new run. Enemies have been placed and replaced for maximum surprise factor--and unlike a new-game-plus, you may not have enemies performing new attacks, or have backup during boss fights, but you're also not starting with all your gear so you can deal with new problems when they arise. It changes the options for exploration in much the same way, where an area that was once accessible to everyone--well, as accessible as anything in Dark Souls can be--now has a bloody and brutal price of admission. Moments of respite at bonfires have either been moved, or now have an obstacle to surmount first.

It doesn't necessarily make for a brand new game, but it does give it a different flow. Death still comes in Dark Souls with all the ferocity of its reputation, but its tone and timbre has been altered, for the grudgingly, frustratingly better.

That said, if there's one thing that experts have always driven home about Dark Souls II, it's that it has a rhythm. There's a pace and structure to everything. Dark Souls as a musical genre is prog rock. It's insanely dense and intricate, and while it might not be everyone's favorite tempo, it is still there to be appreciated. And for what it's worth, something about this new tempo finally struck the right note. By the game's count, 67 hours have gone into this particular run through, and 22 of the game's bosses have died by my hand. Where I am now feels like a urgent, furious push into the unknown, a never-ending series of fights for my life. Even with a giant sword that destroys most anything in my way, and a tower shield that barely budges, there's the feeling that missing my cue will still cost me my life. I feel like I've passed some threshold and met the core of Dark Souls, where I no longer fear every interaction, but anticipate whatever new devilry wants to test my mettle. It's an ongoing supply of new revelations, characters adding their particular dysfunction to the experience, and equippable items all with their own tales to tell. It's a time where the simple act of opening a chest feels like I'm gambling with my life.

That said, it is, as of this moment, an incomplete experience, as the multiplayer servers on the PlayStation 4 remain closed, and the eponymous Scholar of the First Sin battle is explicitly tied to the endgame. I can't wait to meet him. I can't wait to look this ugly sucker in whatever passes for his eye and introduce him to my greatsword. I can't wait to collect up a horde of phantoms to lay waste to the demons in my wake like never before.

God help me, I can't wait to die again.

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PS4's Spring Fever Week 4 Sales Revealed

Written By Kom Limpulnam on Rabu, 25 Maret 2015 | 23.37

Sony's "Spring Fever" sale continues this week with even more deals on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita games and DLC, as well as movies.

The eight-week Spring Fever event spotlights "unique" games, with Sony releasing a new PlayStation game every week through April 21.

Last week's new release was JamesTown+, while this week's is Metal Slug 3 ($13.50), which is available for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita with Cross-Buy support.

In addition, Sony has marked down numerous God of War games and DLC. A variety of Spider-Man movies are also on sale this week. All deals are good through March 30, and PlayStation Plus members can save 10 percent.

The full list of Spring Fever deals are listed below. Don't see anything you like? Check back next week (and the three weeks after that) to see even more Spring Fever deals when they're announced.


Release Date
(Launch Week)
PS Plus Launch Week Price Regular Price
(3/24 through 3/30)
Metal Slug 3
(PS4 / PS3 / PS Vita)
$13.49 $14.99



Title SD Original Price SD Sale Price HD Original Price HD Sale Price
The Amazing Spider-Man $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 $8.99 $7.99 $9.99 $9.99
Spider-Man $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99
Spider-Man 2 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99
Spider-Man 3 $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99

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"Flight Cimulator" Comes to Cities: Skylines

Microsoft's Flight Simulator series may have come to an end, but gamers are keeping the franchise alive with a new mod for Cities: Skylines called "Flight Cimulator." The mod, created by Steam user Ulysius, is available now through Cities: Skylines' Steam Workshop page.

"What is this? A flight simulator inside a city builder? Yes! Follow your dreams!," Ulysius writes.

Players can press CTRL + A to enter flight mode, and then use WASD and mouse controls to fly through the sky. Ulysius cautions that the mod is a work in progress; future updates will introduce building collisions, engine sources, and overall "better simulation."

If the map looks familiar, it's because the Flight Cimulator mod uses the Grand Theft Auto V Los Santos map created by another player earlier this month. For a closer look at the Flight Cimulator mod, check out the image gallery below.

GameSpot's review of Cities: Skylines gave it an 8/10 for its realistic city-building game mechanics based on a sound understanding of zoning. The game sold 250,000 copies sold in its first 24 hours after launch earlier this month, going on to move more than 500,000 copies to date. Cities: Skylines is now publisher Paradox Interactive's fastest-selling game ever.

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